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how-its-madeCrazy Good Ice Cream is more than a slogan or a tag line. Around here we like to say ‘we take our ice cream making seriously but not much else.’ Some say we’re a little crazy and we’d have to agree but when it comes to the fine art of making ice cream we are quite maniacal in our approach.

From day one we decided we wanted to be the best, the absolute best ice cream you could buy, whatever it took to accomplish that. We wanted to be different. Everybody always says, ‘the best ingredients’ but what does that really mean? Well, to us it means sourcing the best chocolate in the world, like Callebaut’s Belgian sustainably grown chocolate.

It means using local ingredients whenever possible like local non BGH milk and cream, not only to enhance flavor and freshness, but to minimize our carbon footprint. It means making the pecan pie that we put in our Simply Southern ice cream from scratch. Yes, we start with flour and eggs and everything your Grandmother would’ve used to make her pecan pie.

We make our very own made-from-scratch cookie dough which is the essence of our Cookie Monster Dough ice cream, or the Bourbon Balls that go in our Bourbon Ball ice cream. We could go on and on but that’s a small part of what you get when you buy Comfy Cow.

You get us, and everything that makes us passionate about ice cream.