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Black Raspberry Chip

We source our black raspberries from the Frank family farm in Michigan, where they are known for their plump, juicy and succulent berries that just burst with real flavor. Then we add in the world’s finest Barry Callebuat dark chocolate chunks.

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Bourbon Ball

A Kentucky tradition since 1939, sweet Bourbon Ball candies are handcrafted in our kitchen and generously added to an Old Forester bourbon based ice cream. Bourbon anyone?

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Cake “Batter Up”

Imagine a moist and fresh slice of your momma’s very best yellow cake as an ice cream with bits of that cake blended throughout.

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A deep, and richly chocolaty chocolate using the world’s finest Barry Callebaut cocoa.

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Chocolate “Chip off the Old Block”

Pretty simple and simply delicious! Our famous Vanilla ice cream chock full of the world’s finest Barry Callebaut rich, dark chocolate pieces.

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Cookie Monster Dough

We create a cookie dough base and then add in chunks of our wonderfully delicious homemade cookie dough chunks. We take our cookie dough seriously!

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Cookies and Cream

Our famous handcrafted Vanilla ice cream simply overflowing with good old fashioned real Oreo cookies.

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Cow Tracks

Our intensely peanut buttery Peanut Butter ice cream combined with Reese’s famous peanut butter chips, the world’s finest  Barry Callebaut dark chocolate pieces and a homemade decadent chocolate peanut butter fudge swirl.

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Freshly Roasted Coffee

As the name states, real hand ground fresh coffee beans and an unmistakenly unique hint of cocoa to intensify the full coffee flavor.

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Georgia Butter Pecan

A butter pecan base loaded with freshly roasted, buttered pecans straight from Tracy-Luckey Pecans in Harlem, Georgia, America’s best pecans. An old fashioned favorite.

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Minty Chocolate Chippy

All natural and organic mint leaves with an abundance of the world’s finest dark chocolate pieces from Barry Callebaut.

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Mocha Almond Fudge

We’ve added toasted almonds, ribbons of rich chocolate fudge and a touch of chocolate to our signature Freshly Roasted Coffee ice cream.

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