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Adult Milkshakes at The Comfy Cow



Adult Milkshakes at The Comfy Cow

Have you ever thought your milkshake could use a little something extra? Have you ever pondered what could make a favorite childhood treat slightly more mischievous? Looking to put the “shake” in your milkshake?

For those of our friends who are 21+, join us at the Comfy Cow on Frankfort Avenue on January 25th from 1 to 3pm as Stephen M. Ringler holds a book signing for his book, “Adult Milkshakes”. We’ll be offering free samples of two of Stephen’s 32 creative recipes made with our very own Comfy Cow ice cream and of course, the good stuff that makes it known as an “Adult” milkshake!



Raspberry Rave

To start, a trivia question: what’s got fresh raspberries, vanilla ice cream and Chambord Liqueur blended into a tasty treat? Did you guess heaven? Close, but what we’re talking about is Ringler’s Raspberry Rave Shake.


Find the complete recipe in “Adult Milkshakes” so you can have your own personal rave!



Black Forest

Next, we shake it up with the Black Forest Shake. A little Crave Chocolate Cherry Liqueur here, a little Kirschwasser natural cherry-flavored brandy there, mixed in with some chocolate wafers and fresh cherries and you’ve got a sweet treat with a cherry on top.


You can find the entire recipe for the Black Forest Shake in “Adult Milkshakes” so you can put a very cherry spin on your next ice cold treat!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Buy a copy of “Adult Milkshakes” at the January 25th book signing and you can register to win a Waring Milkshake Blender and hand packed ice cream! This is one Happy Hour you don’t want to miss!

And don’t worry, we’ll also be offering non-alcoholic milkshakes for the kids!

Hope to see you there!