Louisville's Crazy Good Ice Cream

Breakfast on Bardstown

You’ve had our ice cream, you’ve tried our pies, and you’ve delighted over our cookies. But now, we have something else to offer our friends who just can’t wait for a delectable Comfy Cow treat…


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That’s right! Rise, shine and set your alarms! Exclusively at our Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway location, not only are we baking all your classic, favorite treats, now we’re baking delicious breakfast pastries!

Choose from a variety of different early morning treats like cinnamon rolls, scones and muffins! Top it off with a Heine Brothers’ coffee for the perfect start to any day!


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But the fun doesn’t stop there. Visit our Bardstown Rd. location for breakfast any day this week and receive a FREE regular cup of Heine Brothers’ coffee when you purchase one of our delicious pastries!

So don’t hit your snooze button tomorrow morning, we’ll be waiting for you on the corner of Bardstown and Eastern Parkway!