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Chocopalooza – Celebrating Chocolate Lovers Everywhere


5th Annual Chocopalooza
[the whole month of February at all 5 Comfy Cow locations]

Delicious Chocolate Flavors made from sustainably grown cocoa

Dark Chocolate | White Chocolate | Milk Chocolate | Semi-sweet Chocolate | Sweet Chocolate

We are celebrating chocolate lovers everywhere with many fantastic chocolate flavors for the month of February with our 5th Annual Chocopalooza!

Over the last four years The Comfy Cow has donated thousands of dollars to local charities with Chocopalooza. 10% of all sales during Chocopalooza will be donated to 4 local charities this year and we are proud to be partnering with Make-A-Wish, Gilda’s Club, Boys & Girls Haven and The Fund For The Arts.
[2/1-2/7 Make A Wish | 2/8-2/14 Gilda’s Club | 2/15-2/21 Boys & Girls Haven | 2/22-2/28 Fund For The Arts]

Come celebrate with us!

Curry Curry: Luscious white chocolate ice cream with swirls of sweet curry  ganache

Cinnamon Smitten: Our heavenly white chocolate ice cream loaded with Red Hots from local confectioners, Schimpff’s

Chocolate Lavender: Organic lavender blended with our signature milk chocolate ice cream

Intense Dark Chocolate: A slightly bitter, very very intense dark chocolate ice cream with a silky smooth finish

Chocolate “Marsha Marsha Marsha!”-Mallow: Our signature chocolate ice cream loaded with swirls and swirls of gooey marshmallow

Chocolate “Brownie Points”: Our signature chocolate, tumbled with huge chunks of freshly baked fudge brownies, toasted walnuts and a generous ribbon of hot fudge. An instant classic!

Signature Chocolate: No need to embellish. The Best. The One. The Only. CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate “Chip Off The Old Block”: The perfect combination. Our pure, creamy blend of Madagascar and Indonesian vanilla ice cream bursting with decadent pieces of rich, dark Barry Callebaut chocolate