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Comfy Cow Chase Kid’s Run at the Powered with Pride 5k!

And they’re off!

This year we’re proud to announce that the Comfy Cow will be holding the Comfy Cow Chase Kid’s Run right after the Powered with Pride 5k in Cherokee Park this Saturday, June 21st!

For only $5, participants 12 and under will race to the finish line with the mascots from the League of Louisville Mascots as they bolt, gallop or scurry through our course. Not only will the participants run in the Kid’s Run, but they will also receive a children’s pair of Pride Socks, finisher’s ribbon and a free scoop of delicious Comfy Cow ice cream!


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We hope to see you there, bright and early for the Powered with Pride 5K and the Comfy Cow Chase Kid’s Run. Register here, get your running shoes on and gear up for a great time. We know we’d run extra fast if ice cream was waiting at the finish line!