Louisville's Crazy Good Ice Cream

Get the Perfect Trifecta at the Comfy Cow!

There are few cities in the world that have quite the same culture as Louisville, Kentucky.

There are few places in the country, in the world even, that can embrace such a simplistic, rustic lifestyle, while at the same time existing in the middle of a bustling, growing city. Few places can boast such a spirited basketball rivalry and sunsets that look like there should be Instagram filters created in their honor. Not many places can say that they produce 90% of the country’s disco balls while at the same time, holding one of the largest horse races in the world, the Kentucky Derby.

These things, including bourbon, Hot Browns, Ale 8 and the sense of belonging you feel the second you cross the border into the state of Kentucky, definitely make it easier to keep on livin’ the good life here in Louisville, and we want to help celebrate our city, state and everything we love about them both.

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You can’t lose with a bet like this!

So from now until May 3rd, in the spirit of Kentucky’s heart and soul: the Kentucky Derby, come into any Comfy Cow location and you could Win, Place, or Show and collect some tasty winnings. Spend $10 and get a free Ice Cream Bon Bon, spend $20 and you get a free slice of Ice Cream Pie, and spend $30 and get a free PINT! We couldn’t wait to start getting into the Derby spirit and we felt like this was the best way we could remind everyone that they’re a winner in some way, especially for being a proud Kentucky local!

Gear up for Derby season by making one of these delicious wagers today!