Louisville's Crazy Good Ice Cream

Home for the Holidays Collection



Ginger’2’Snaps – Tim’s favorite! A ginger based ice cream filled with bits and pieces of our famously spicy and wonderfully chewy made from scratch Ginger Snap cookies. Two snaps and a twirl!

Candy Cane Lane – A winter wonderland of decadence. Extra creamy white chocolate ice cream with crunchy bits of peppermint and even more white chocolate pieces.

Chatty Cathy – Our much beloved Freshly Brewed Coffee ice cream with folded in layers of hand crushed chocolate covered espresso beans.

Waiting for Santa – Oh the anticipation!!! Our made from scratch Sugar Cookies crumbled into our one of a kind Milk Chocolate ice cream and a dash of sprinkles thrown in for good measure. Nighty night!

Ze German Chocolate Cake – Creamy caramel, Georgia pecans, and freshly toasted coconut swirled into our intensely decadent Chocolate Cake Batter ice cream.

‘Mooo’djeska – Swirls and swirls of marshmallow gently folded into our ooey gooey and oh so smooth Caramel ice cream.

[LIMITED TIME Pop-Up Flavors]

Peppermint Stick – Our amazing made from scratch refreshing Peppermint ice cream blended with slivers of red and green peppermint stick candy pieces. Ho Ho Ho!

Egg Noggin’ – A custardy concoction you’ve always associated with the Holidays with just enough rum to satisfy your naughty cravings. We’ll keep you on the nice list though.