Louisville's Crazy Good Ice Cream

Introducing our new Shivers!

Summer is just starting to heat up, but things are getting frosty on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road!

We’d like to introduce our brand new Shivers! Not like any cup or cone of ice cream you’ve enjoyed at the Comfy Cow before; Shivers combine our handcrafted, premium ice cream blended with the toppings of your choice. Swirl up to 20 delicious flavors to create over 100 delicious combinations and design your very own Comfy Creation.


Using our spiffy new AstroBlend blender, we take your favorite flavor and mix it with a variety of different toppings, like creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate chunks or even nuts!

We’re getting chilly just thinking of all the ice cold combinations you can create as a Shiver! Come into the Eastern Parkway Comfy Cow today as the scorching summer arrives. Trust us, you’re gonna wanna Shiver!