Louisville's Crazy Good Ice Cream

Just In Time Hometown Flavors

He’s finally here, in our very own Louisville, KY ready to perform the top hits of his career and we couldn’t be more excited! That’s right; we are talking about Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience world tour! But here’s the best part….we have 2 tickets to give away for the December 15th concert! So we’ve decided to go all out and create new flavors in honor of JT’s visit PLUS giveaway the two tickets.

If you want to learn how you can register to win tickets click here but you’ll first want to check out the new flavor creations!

When we asked our amazing Production Team to brainstorm ideas of two new flavors in honor of Justin, they had no problem finding ingredients he would love. As you probably know, Justin is from Memphis, Tennessee.  Beale Street is known as being the heart of entertainment in Memphis with great blues music and excellent restaurants. With that in mind Breakfast on Beale Street came to life. Then playing off Justin’s southern background, our second flavor that was created is Sweet Southern Nights. In this delicious creation you’ll find a hint of Justin’s very own 901 Tequila. Find out what all has gone into each flavor below!

At Comfy Cow we make every ingredient that goes into our unique flavors from scratch, but to keep this short we’ll give you the quick rundown to get your mouth watering.



Option 1: Breakfast on Beale Street


We started off by cutting bite size pieces of Stone Cross Farm bacon and cooked them to perfection. Adding this to our hormone free ice cream provides a little crunch in each bite.


We then baked layers of cinnamon maple French toast cake bites from scratch and cut into small pieces.


We folded in fresh blueberry compote loaded with sugar, maple syrup and a hint of nutmeg.


And finally included all ingredients into the small batch of ice cream to give you that scrumptious taste of French toast topped with blueberries and a side of bacon.




Option 2: Sweet Southern Nights


We baked the blackberry lime buttermilk biscuits and cut into perfect crumbles which we then added to our signature Vanilla ice cream.


To create the perfect blackberry cobbler filling, we cooked blackberries with lime zest and mixed in Justin’s own 901 Tequila.


At last we drizzled in the blackberry cobbler filling and biscuits into the rest of the vanilla ice cream and it was time to enjoy a scoop of Sweet Southern Night.


So now that we have your sweet tooth sounding the alarm, come down to any of our Comfy Cow locations to taste these incredible new flavors.  While you’re here you can vote on your favorite and we will feature that flavor for an entire month (or longer if you can’t get enough of it!)