Louisville's Crazy Good Ice Cream

“Scoop Adventures” makes a stop at The Comfy Cow

Could you imagine anything sweeter than traveling around the country and trying hundreds of different ice cream flavors from the best ice cream parlors? We couldn’t either.

Self-proclaimed ice cream addict Lindsay Clendaniel was on a mission: to travel coast to coast in search of the greatest ice cream flavors in the United States, and to compile them into a recipe book, where ice cream fanatics like her could make the delectable flavors from around the country in their own homes.

Lindsay did just that, and stopped in Louisville, Kentucky at The Comfy Cow along the way. In her recipe book, “Scoop Adventures”, she details our delicious Bourbon Ball ice cream and concocts a way for out-of-towners to enjoy the classic Comfy Cow flavor from their own homes! Get the scoop on Lindsay’s adventures on her blog or purchase your very own copy of “Scoop Adventures” and begin the adventure of making your own Bourbon Ball ice cream.

Lucky for those Louisvillians in driving distance of our Frankfort Avenue, UofL Campus, Westport Village and soon-to-be Eastern Parkway location, you can come in and enjoy our Bourbon Ball ice cream anytime you need a sweet, savory treat.

But whether your own travels lead you to a Comfy Cow in Louisville, or somewhere afar, be sure to make every scoop you enjoy an adventure!