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Seasonal Flavors

Seasonal Flavors

One of the many joys of ice cream making for us is to constantly experiment with crazy new flavors. We are always pushing the envelope so you will notice constant changes on at least a part of our menu. We call those our Seasonal Flavors. While you can rest assured that we will always carry our Signature Flavors, we will be rotating several new ones every month. We also pay close attention to demand, customer suggestions, seasons, holidays, and sometimes just our own whims.


January Flavors

It’s Gonna Be a “Rocky Road” – Our Signature Chocolate ice cream loaded with Barry Callebaut dark chocolate pieces, swirls of marshmallow fluff and toasted walnuts.

Chocolate Squared – Our Signature Chocolate with Barry Callebaut dark chocolate pieces, a Callebaut white chocolate ribbon, and our made from scratch chocolate fudge brownies.

Coo Coo for Coconut – Sweet and simple coconut ice cream with bits of toasted coconut.

Banana Nana Fofana – Banana ice cream – made with the ripest, sweetest bananas…nothing else needed!

The Doctor’s Cure – Developed for the local restaurant “Doc Crow’s”, this brown butter and Old Forester bourbon based ice cream is  loaded with our house made spiced, sugared pecans and swirls of bourbon caramel.

Mocha Almond Fudge – We added toasted chopped almonds, ribbons of  our rich chocolate fudge and a touch of chocolate to our coffee ice cream for this sweet treat.

Bonjour Toast – Breakfast meets dessert when “French toast” pieces and Barry Callebuat dark chocolate pieces are folded into a cinnamon ice cream for this delicious flavor – winner of our “Kids Creative Concoction” contest to benefit the Louisville Children’s Museum!

*Foodie Flavors*

Secretariat – White chocolate based ice cream with pieces of fresh made blueberry cobbler folded in.

Southern Jam Cake – Caramel flavored ice cream loaded with pieces of our own homemade jam cake and a swirl of blackberry jam – our spin on a traditional Kentucky dessert.


February’s Flavors

Brown Butter Peanut Brittle: Rich, brown butter based ice cream loaded with chunks of our homemade sweet and salty peanut brittle and a dash of sea salt

Erica’s PB&J: Delicious grape ice cream with a homemade peanut butter swirl…the only thing missing is the bread!

Watermelon Mint: Sweet watermelon ice cream with a hint of organic mint

Banana Puddin’ Y’all: Our signature banana ice cream with pieces of scratch made vanilla wafers and a thick swirl of marshmallow

Curry Curry: Luscious white chocolate ice cream with swirls of sweet curry  ganache

Cinnamon Smitten: Our heavenly white chocolate ice cream loaded with Red Hots from local confectioners, Schimpff’s

Chocolate Lavender: Organic lavender blended with our signature milk chocolate ice cream

Intense Dark Chocolate: A slightly bitter, very very intense dark chocolate ice cream with a silky smooth finish

Chocolate “Marsha Marsha Marsha!”-Mallow: Our signature chocolate ice cream loaded with swirls and swirls of gooey marshmallow

Chocolate “Brownie Points”: Our signature chocolate, tumbled with huge chunks of freshly baked fudge brownies, toasted walnuts and a generous ribbon of hot fudge. An instant classic!

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