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Our Story

We say our ice cream is Crazy Good, and a whole lot of folks thought we were crazy when we told them we wanted to open an ice cream shop. Well, that was in 2007 and over the next 2 years we researched, read, and devoured everything we could about ice cream, figuratively and literally. Roy went to “Ice Cream School” at the University of Wisconsin and then another program at the University of Florida.

I started developing the ‘concept’ and feel of what it was we had dreamed of creating. We wanted to offer the best possible ice cream on the planet and serve it to people in a fun, funky and community type atmosphere… the whole ice cream ‘experience’. We still embrace these ideals today. The best possible ice cream and the best possible ice cream experience.

Our Flavors

Handcrafted “made-from-scratch” Ice Cream

Superior quality – high butterfat | low overrun

Absolute finest ingredients

Made-from-scratch inclusions, variegates and bases

Innovative Taste Experiences

Southern Culinary Roots

Ultimate affordable indulgence

Our Commitment

We believe in real authentic flavor and celebrate community. Our ice cream is created with a passion for the best ingredients and is remarkable in every way. Each flavor is unique—engaging, inspiring, individual, and delicious.



Photo by: Antonio Pantoja

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