Front Clerk

Reports to: Assistant Manager / Operations Manager

FSLA Status: Hourly

Summary of Position

A Clerk is responsible for the day to day operation of store. Clerks serve as the face of the company because they are who the customer interacts with the most. A Clerk is to serve customers from start to finish, while providing great customer service and proving to be competent in their position.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform ultimate Comfy Cow service
  • Greet and serve customers
  • Prepare all menu items
  • Prepare waffle cone batter and make waffle cones and bowls
  • Stock all paper and food items needed to serve customers
  • Handle cash – make change
  • Maintain a clean, fresh personal appearance at all times
  • Participate regularly in staff meetings
  • Address customer concerns
  • Be familiar with store evaluation procedures
  • Wash dishes according to guidelines set forth

Qualifications & Experience

  • Must have high energy and a warm, pleasant attitude
  • Has strong verbal and communication skills
  • Has good organization skills
  • Is flexible with scheduling
  • Has the ability to build a relationship with the customer and other staff members
  • Has a good understanding of product knowledge and an outstanding sales ability
  • Has a competitive spirit and a desire to sell
  • Has the ability to radiate positive energy through the store

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