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Comfy Cow – Store Manager

Store Manager

Reports to: Operations Manager

FSLA Status: Exempt

Summary of Position

The Manager of a Comfy Cow store should focus on their team and their customers, while promoting The Comfy Cow brand by providing great customer service and encouragement, as well as proving to be competent. A Manager should focus on working as a team and bringing an upbeat, can-do attitude to everything they do. A Manager will be charged with building sales, spending money wisely, and creating a work environment that enhances and develops the potential of each employee. This is a hands-on position with complete responsibility for all store related functions, systems and processes.

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Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all employees are thoroughly trained according to prescribed training programs and that they demonstrate competence
  • Keep team trained and up to speed on company changes/ requirements
  • Keep the store operating under Comfy Cow culture
  • Monitor staffing in store and cover any shifts that may need covered
  • Ensure that business is conducted in a way that fosters the enthusiasm, integrity, satisfaction, and high performance of all employees
  • Keep the store on brand within requirements noted in the Operations Manual
  • Keep labor costs and food costs in line with budget
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction
  • Keep employees satisfied by tracking turnover, employee feedback, and keeping the team motivated and encouraged
  • Make purchases and orders with cash flow in mind (keep in line with the budget)
  • Keep the store clean and up to code
  • Track inventory and report any discrepancies to the Operations Manager
  • Display any marketing materials sent from the marketing team
  • Maintain the safety and security of employees, customers and store
  • Supervises clerks and team leaders at designated store.
  • Prepare deposits and ensure the deposits are taken to the bank or given to the courier on specified days
  • Assure nightly paperwork is completed correctly
  • Contact Operations Manager for maintenance and repairs
  • Other responsibilities as assigned
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Qualifications & Experience

  • 1+ years operations experience in the food industry
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must be a high-energy individual with a positive attitude, infectious smile and the ability to select and hire a competent, friendly team
  • Self-motivated with a strong sense of initiative and
  • Demonstrate strong critical thinking skills
  • Computer proficiency w/Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple business issues and activities
  • Management skills to effectively assess, develop, motivate and direct staff within the areas of responsibility
  • Reliable transportation

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