Louisville's Crazy Good Ice Cream

Comfy Cow – Team Leader

Team Leader

Reports to: Assistant Manager / Store Manager

FSLA Status: Hourly

Summary of Position

A Team Leader for The Comfy Cow should be responsible, competent, and have a positive attitude. They are the person in charge when the Manager and Assistant Manager are not present. They should lead their clerks and treat their customers with respect. A Team Leader should assist the management team in any store related situations.

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Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure that business is conducted in a way that fosters the enthusiasm, integrity, satisfaction, and high performance of all employees
  • Ensure proper staffing for assigned shift and notifying upper management when staffing needs fall below acceptable levels
  • Keep the store on brand within the requirements noted in the Operations Manual
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Keep employees satisfied and value clerk feedback
  • Keep the store clean
  • Prepare deposits and take deposits to the bank or give to the courier on specified days
  • Keep store stocked and notify management of low products
  • Assist employee evaluations as needed
  • Monitor labor
  • Handle money in the safe and drawers
  • Assure nightly paperwork is completed properly
  • Assist with and participate in regular staff meetings
  • Supervises clerks and handle customers
  • Other responsibilities as assigned
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Qualifications & Experience

  • Ability to effectively manage multiple business issues and activities concurrently
  • Management skills to effectively assess, develop, motivate and direct team within the areas of responsibility

Ready To Apply?

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Download Job Description

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