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Our Three Promises

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain the highest quality ice cream, a strong culture, and identifiable ‘hipness’ that helped to create our initial popularity and success. Our business philosophy is rooted in our three promises:


      1. First, we are committed to always sourcing the absolute finest ingredients for our Super Premium Handcrafted Ice cream. We take ice cream making seriously. It’s an art and it’s our passion. We are maniacal about our ice cream and customer experience and we think you’ll be able to taste the difference. It MUST be the BEST and as we like to say, “A scoop is worth a thousand words.
      2. We started this business with the hope that, if successful, we would be in a position to give back to our community in a meaningful way. Our first step was to create a space of peace and respite for our guests. As we say on our promotional in-store materials, “May this space be your ‘home away from home’ and a place to reconnect with family and friends. Perhaps we will not get to actually meet you on your visit but our hope is that you will be ‘comfy’ and happy while enjoying our homemade treats and creations. Thanks for taking a moment out of your life’s journey to enjoy one of our creations.
      3. We attempt to always be local no matter the location. We try hard to design our stores with the local community in mind. No two stores are identical. We push for neighborhood hiring and, of course, all of our ingredients are fair trade and locally sourced as much as possible.


“We’ve spent years and a whole lot of effort developing what works. Follow our guidelines and reap the rewards and the satisfaction that goes along with that.” – Roy Koons-McGee, Co-Founder


For additional franchise information contact Tim by calling (502) 439-9650.